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The jewelry repair process can be difficult! All questions are valid... don't see yours here? Give us a call or bring it in and we'd be more than happy to help and explain. 

How do you know if your prongs need to be replaced? 

Repairing prongs is a common repair. Sometimes a ring’s prong will get caught on something (like fabric, a towel, or a sweater) and it breaks off. Prongs can also wear down over time. A lack of metal may be an indicator, or if your ring begins to snag on things.

How do you replace/retip a prong?

We file the broken section flush. A section of wire is cut and sized to the same size as the rest of the prongs. This wire is either soldered with a torch or laser welded onto the setting. After the new prong is added, it is formed and pushed over the stone. The ring now has four prongs again! After polishing work the ring is ready for one of our clients to pick up and enjoy again! All of our repair work is done by one of our on-site jewelers! 


Can we do sizing?

Yes! We offer sizing and can complete many different repairs. If you're unsure, don't hesitate to stop by! We do our repairs on site as well, so you know you're in good hands.

How is a ring sized?

To size a ring down, we remove a section of metal from the ring. This is a carefully measured amount of material that corresponds to the new ring size. After the piece is removed, and the cut area filed clean, the two sides are arranged so they are next to each other. At this point, if using a torch (like in the video) we would then solder the two sides together. This gives us a seamless ring shank again, which after putting “back into round” and some polish work, is now the new ring size! Laser welding is also available for stones that cannot take the heat of the torch. Ring sizing is performed on site at From the Vault Jewelers. We do not send work out.


Should I make an appointment before coming in?

For general repairs (i.e. sizing, soldering, prongs, etc.) walk-ins are perfect. For a custom design consultation, an appointment is preferred and can be scheduled online!

How much does a custom piece cost?

Each piece is different. If you can provide your own stones and supply some or all of the gold, it can change the pricing. Schedule a consultation for the most accurate estimate, but we're more than happy to design something within your budget!

How long does a custom design take?

The average custom piece takes around 6-8 weeks, so it's important to make sure that you've planned out enough time. When discussing your piece in more detail, we can give you a more accurate gauge! 

What is CAD Ring Design? 

With our CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, we are able to make your dream come true by being able to design rings and other jewelry. In this video, you will see the design for one of our clients using her stone. We are able to construct different designs using your materials and ours. So, if you have any designs in mind, stop on by and we would love to turn those ideas into reality!


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