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Jewelry Repair In Louisville, KY

From The Vault Jewelers offers top rated jewelry repair in Louisville, KY. Our expert in house repair people can handle everything from the most simple of jewelry repairs to the most complex complete restorations. 

Jewelry Repair & Engraving

We offer a full range of professional jewelry repair, refinishing and refurbishment services to ensure your jewels reflect your joy. Our services include ring sizing, mountings, stone replacement, jewelry cleaning & polishing, rhodium plating, pearl restringing, clasp replacement, refurbishment & custom designs.

From the Vault offers jewelry repairs done onsite by our experienced jewelers who can take care of all your repair needs. We do everything from ring sizing, to repairing costume jewelry, to heirloom restoration. Our state of the art equipment allows us to precisely repair all types of jewelry. We think outside of the box! Call or come by!
Our amazing state of the art machine can provide monograms, logos, crests, really anything you can dream up! This hardworking machine is the largest capacity one of its kind on the market, so it can engrave from the tiniest item to large trays, trophies. Of course hand engraving is still available upon request, in all of the traditional styles.

Get Your Ring Resized

With proper care, your precious jewelry should last a lifetime – and beyond. To assure the well being of your beloved jewelry offers a full range of repair services that includes:

Ring re-sizing
Jewelry mounting and prong re-tipping
Precious stone replacement
Necklace/bracelet chain and clasp repair
Earring repair
Pearl restringing

Watch Repair & Battery Replacement 


In order to preserve appearance and performance, a watch requires maintenance. The frequency of maintenance depends on the model, the climate, and the owner habits. A fine watch will last for generations with routine maintenance. In general, manufacturers recommend having your watch cleaned, oiled & serviced every three to five years.

This will ensure proper lubrication of the components and that the mechanism will be free from dust/dirt and moisture. Be aware that water resistant watches have seals and gaskets which dry and wear, allowing moisture to enter causing the movement which could lead to rust and discoloration of the dial and hands.


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