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Welcome to From the Vault's Blog!

Hello! We know how important it is for you to trust your jewelers, that's why we've written this introduction. We have worked hard to get where we are and we want you all to feel comfort in leaving or purchasing jewelry. Thank you so much for all that support us!

Store front in Vogue Center

From the Vault Jewelers, Louisville, KY 40207

How It Began

From the Vault Jewelers was founded in 2001 by Sheila Newton. Sheila started out in a one-room jewelry store. In order to get to where From the Vault is now, the road wasn't easy. "At first, running this was indeed hard for me because for years I had worked for someone else in a busy jewelry store and then I was alone" said Sheila.

Not only did Sheila have to navigate this road on her own, other jewelers had not been so kind. Two established jewelers, back then, had told her she was not going to make it. Instead of intimidating Sheila, she used their doubt and turned it into determination.

The name, From the Vault, was created to reflect how Sheila had only began with one velvet pouch full of jewelry. It was not long that she stayed at that level because the business took off through word-of-mouth. "Within three months, I had earned enough to buy a jewelry display case at a pawn shop. I filled it with jewelry and kept reinvesting until I could buy enough cases to fill my shop," Sheila remembers.

Our one-case jewelry store evolved into a store that repairs jewelry and also reworks it into something the client truly loves again. Most jewelry stores offer products for sale, it is our AIM to provide service. Providing excellent customer service with a high standard of professional behavior that inspires TRUST and confidence in the ability of our staff to accomplish the task at hand.

We now also sell interesting and unusual gems and jewelry, many of which have been designed and created by our team. We provide basic and advanced onsite jewelry repairs, hand and machine engraving. We have advanced to provide attentive and intuitive custom design consultations, including in person and virtual (using email, phone, text, and zoom). It is our goal to make your experience EASY and build a connection because we've learned that our clients are the real gems.

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