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Sheila Newton is the proud owner of From the Vault Jewelers. She is a self-made businesswoman who built her store from the ground up. Sheila had worked in the jewelry industry for 20 years before venturing out on her own.

“When I first started, I just thought I would have a catalog sales company. After many weeks of sitting alone in an office, I had my first customer. They walked in and said ‘are you a jewelry store? Where is your jewelry?’ I ordered my first piece in and that’s how I started this store” Sheila said. 

Beginning the store was not an easy journey, Sheila was faced with many challenges. The most prominent issue was being a woman in an all-male field at the time. 

“I had a lot of issues with the male jewelers, they thought I was a joke. The thing that kept me going was that I wanted to prove them wrong and I didn’t ever want to work for a male again.” Sheila said. 

As she built her store, she used that drive to keep her going. Her dream then became to carry designer pieces that were handwrought and handmade that were different from the stores that just carried lines and lines of jewelry. 

“I have a passion for art and for homemade things, it just fell into jewelry. My passion for jewelry is things that are made beautifully and that showcase the different stones. I like my pieces to do tricks. Jewelry can do many things like become a necklace or bracelet and that they could also become an heirloom” Sheila said. 

Not only has From the Vault Jewelers exceeded her expectations, it is exactly the way she envisioned it could be. 

“I love my clients and they have encouraged me and allowed me to sell the things that I am most interested in. Fortunately, I can make things that I believe in and the customers have appreciated them and purchased them” Sheila said.