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As we enjoy the great outdoors this summer, here are a few considerations for keeping your jewels safe and sparkly.

  1. NEVER wear your jewelry in a swimming pool. The chlorine can pit the metal and put stones at risk. It can discolor the metal.
  2. NEVER wear your jewelry in the ocean. The colder water will shrink your fingers and you could lose them. The sand which is very abrasive will damage the metal.Tips From The Vault: use the summer time to have your jewelry cleaned, checked and repaired.

3. Swollen fingers in the summer, which Shrink in the winter? Don’t keep sizing! It gets expensive and hard on the rings. We recommend installing sizing beads which works in all seasons. I have them and love them!

Check out our collection of fun, cheap silicone bands which can replace your metal ones in the summer they are $20, sturdy and fun. ( I have a pink one and a gray one!)

So if you can’t bear to be without your favorites this summer, take them off at the pool or beach! Show them some love