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About Us

From the Vault Jewelers was founded in 2001 by Sheila Newton. Through the years From the Vault Jewelers has evolved into the go to place for jewelry related services in the Louisville Area. Most jewelry stores offer products for sale, it is our AIM to provide service. Providing excellent customer service with a high standard of professional behavior to inspire TRUST and confidence in the ability of our staff to accomplish the task at hand. We sell interesting and unusual gems and jewelry, many of which have been designed and created by our team. We provide basic and advanced onsite jewelry repairs and machine engraving. We provide attentive and intuitive custom design consultations, including in person and virtual (using email, phone, text, and zoom). It is our goal to make your experience EASY.

Resizing ring

“I love my clients and they have encouraged me and allowed me to sell the things that I am most interested in. Fortunately, I can make things that I believe in and the customers have appreciated them and purchased them”

- Sheila, Owner


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